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Restaurant Manager

Overview of the Infused Restaurant Manager's Responsibilities:

Some of the main Restaurant Manager’s responsibilities include:

· Handling all staffing decisions, including the recruitment of new staff;

· Monitoring adherence to federal and state guidelines, especially those related to health, safety, and alcohol regulations;

· Preparing and analyzing financial and sales projections;

· Overseeing the marketing and promotion of the restaurant; Including all social media and Entertainment Schedules

· Sourcing needed materials and quality food for the restaurant; and

· Implementing strategies to increase revenue on a per-customer basis.

In broad terms, anything that a restaurant needs to do to continue operating efficiently is part of a restaurant general manager’s duties. Although, in a restaurant general managers position, they normally oversee many of these tasks rather than actually carrying them out. Restaurant managers often have to delegate tasks to their staff since there is so much to do at a busy restaurant.
Restaurant General Manager Soft and Hard Skills
Restaurant general managers are leaders.

They motivate their employees and create an atmosphere of teamwork. That way, the workflow of the restaurant is efficient.

The restaurant general manager also needs good planning and organizational skills. This helps ensure that enough staff and food supplies are on hand. Additionally, workers need to understand the job that they are tasked with. The general manager plans what needs to be done and trains the staff.

Finally, a good restaurant manager is adaptable and flexible. No two days on the job are the same, so you want someone who adapts to incoming challenges.

No two restaurants are the same, so having a restaurant general manager who possess these skills is critical to the success of the restaurant. Many of these abilities will be included in a restaurant general manager job description. But during the interview process, be ready to show the hiring manager that you know what it takes to succeed in the restaurant industry and what is needed to be a great restaurant manager.
Restaurant General Manager Job Description
The restaurant manager’s responsibilities are comprehensive.

These responsibilities address anything that arises while working at a busy restaurant, such as:

· Interacting with customers to ensure a quality experience;

· Making recommendations as needed; and

· Ensuring quality food standards are upheld.

The restaurant manager is often a forward-facing role. Many restaurant general manager duties are centered around dealing with customers and staff alike. Keeping both your customers and staff happy is critical to the success of any restaurant.

But, the restaurant manager also handles behind-the-scenes aspects of a restaurant, including:

· Monitoring the budget and accurately maintaining restaurant records;

· Ensuring food and beverages are prepared correctly, and recipes are followed;

· Organizing the staff schedule and coordinating restaurant operations during each shift; and

· Sourcing, meeting, and bargaining with distributors to ensure price points are met.

Most restaurant general manager job descriptions will include needing someone who is a people person. As you probably already figured out, many of the restaurant general manager duties have to do with communication.

Not only do restaurant general managers communicate with their own staff ensuring the restaurant runs smoothly, but they also communicate with their delivery sources, other managers, and customers throughout the day and night.

Having great personal skills is critical for restaurant managers to assist customers and to know that what they need from their staff has been communicated properly and will be done correctly.

Job Type: Full-time

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

Education Level : Bachelors Degree

Experience Level : Mid to Senior Level

Job Function : Customer Service

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