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Feel Calm and Relaxed Around Your Most Tempting Foods - Crush Your Cravings Workshop

Crush Your Cravings Workshop

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End your cravings. Period.

You want to feel calm and relaxed around your most desirous foods…

You want to keep your favorite foods in what you eat on REGULAR basis…

You want to learn how to choose whether you WANT to eat your favorite foods because you just WANT to instead of feeling compelled or outta control…

What you want is to end your cravings..

Ending cravings does NOT mean you never eat your favorite foods.

Learn more here

You will learn how to do this inside the Crush Your Cravings Workshop.

What you will learn by attending:

  • The ONE thing making your cravings worse
  • How to gain control of your cravings
  • One craving tool that is so counter intuitive… and it works!
  • How what you are currently doing to fight your cravings will never work and here’s what you need to do instead.
  • How to be calm and relaxed around your favorite foods you are craving.

Here’s what you get:

-Live one hour workshop on Thursday November 18th at 10 AM EST on zoom where you will learn the tools to crush your cravings.

-Workbook so you solidify the skills you’ve learned.

-One (1) 30-minute Coaching Call with Nicole to help work through any mindset blocks you have on your cravings.

Imagine how much mental space you will free up NOT HAVING to think about whether you should or shouldn’t eat your favorite foods you’re craving…

Imagine sitting down with your favorite dessert and calmly deciding whether you WANT to eat or not….

Imagine feeling unaffected by the bread basket or chips that were placed on the restaurant table…

You don’t have to imagine anymore because you will learn EXACTLY how to feel calm and relaxed with your favorite foods inside the Crush Your Cravings Workshop.

I can tell you from personal is NO FUN stressing over your favorite foods...feeling torn inside whether you should eat it or not...having been on the outta control, I JUST CAN"T RESIST them side and now being past my cravings...the skills you learn in Crush Your Cravings is soooo freeing!

Now, being on the otherside, it is calm and relaxing when my favorite foods are in front of me.

Register today and stop self-sabotaging yourself with your favorite foods! Register today at

You deserve to feel "normal" around food! 

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