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Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Licensed Professional Counselor

Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Licensed Professional Counselor, Renew, Restore, Hope, Peace, Harmony, Vitality

Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Licensed Professional Counselor


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Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes (formerly Jenkins) is a licensed and nationally certified Professional Counselor. Most recently, she was honored as the first designee of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society's Psychosocial Oncology virtual academy! This designation led to her becoming a certified Psychosocial Cancer/Oncology Behavioral Health specialist. This designation is near and dear to her heart, as she was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) or non- invasive breast cancer in September 2022. She had a lumpectomy to remove the cancer and completed radiation treatment in December 2022! By the grace and mercy of God, Dr. Chalice is a breast cancer survivor! As a Psychosocial Cancer/Oncology Behavioral Health Specialist, Dr. Chalice's increased knowledge and personal experience has sharpened her sensitivity and skill, while providing competent and effective care to the survivorship population. Join one of Dr. Chalice's telehealth support groups today!

In 2020, she became a Board Certified- TeleMental Health Provider. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree, in 2008, from Capella University specializing in Human Services- Counseling Studies. Dr. Chalice, as she is affectionately known, completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in Atlanta, GA in 2003. She completed her internship at a Christian- based counseling center in Georgia focusing on children, teens, couples, groups, and families. After graduation, Dr. Chalice gained experience at community service boards counseling children, teens, couples, groups, women, and families; conducting crisis hot-line counseling; and completing Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments.

In 2008, Dr. Chalice earned her first adjunct psychology professor position at Philadelphia University, now known as Thomas Jefferson University. She also began supervising a program which included recruiting, training, and licensing foster parents in Philadelphia, PA. Subsequently, she supervised a partial hospitalization program in NJ for adults diagnosed with mental health and/or substance use disorders. As she began to accumulate more adjunct professor positions, at various universities, she placed her sole focus on teaching in higher education. More recently, she completed a post- doctoral position completing forensic psychological evaluations, family reunification therapy, and therapy with children, adolescents, couples, women, and families referred by the NJ Division of Child Protection and Permanency. She also provided services to children in a Philadelphia elementary school.

Dr. Chalice completed a three-year Assistant Clinical Professorship of Counseling and Family Therapy at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. During her tenure, she served as Director of Behavioral Health Counseling, served as a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Board, and trained Master's degree students in Dr. Harry Aponte's Person of The Therapist Training (POTT) model. In 2018, Dr. Chalice had the honor of being mentored and trained by Dr. Harry J. Aponte utilizing his POTT model. Dr. Aponte simultaneously walked Dr. Chalice through her own Person of The Therapist analysis, as they co- taught the 30 week- long POTT training model to first year Master of Family Therapy Drexel University graduate students. Dr. Chalice applies her POTT training to build deep and strong therapeutic bonds, and to assess and deliver effective interventions, in the present moment with her clients. Earning the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Professions "2020 People of Purpose" award and the Dean's $10,000 DEI research award, Dr. Chalice enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate impact and influence at Drexel University. She has a total of twelve years of experience teaching in higher education and provides educational training workshops.

Dr. Chalice's private practice dream, came to fruition, in response to the novel COVID- 19 pandemic. Anticipating the greater demand for professional counseling providers, she sought to make her services accessible, increasing the availability of culturally sensitive and culturally competent providers. In 2020, Dr. Chalice completed the comprehensive TeleMental Health Training Certificate program and became a Board- Certified TeleMental Health provider. Clients can have confidence in knowing that Dr. Chalice gained the additional knowledge and training for delivering TeleMental Health best practices.

In Dr. Chalice's free time she enjoys spending time with her two precious sons! Gardening, exercising, singing, dancing, and participating in church activities are a few hobbies. Oh, and we cannot forget that Dr. Chalice loves ALL things water including swimming, aqua workouts, snorkeling, jet- skiing, and water- skiing!

Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Licensed Professional Counselor, Renew, Restore, Hope, Peace, Harmony, Vitality® offers three pillars of service. First, board- certified TeleMental Health or Telehealth counseling is provided to New Jersey, Delaware, Georgia, and Florida clients. Second, tailored training and educational courses are offered. Last, diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting is offered. Dr. Chalice, as she is affectionately known, has served in the Human Services field for twenty- five years. She taught in higher education for twelve years, most recently holding positions of Assistant Clinical Professor of Counseling and Family Therapy and Director of Behavioral Health Counseling. Motivated by the COVID- 19 pandemic, and anticipating a greater need for mental health providers, Dr. Chalice launched her private practice, in 2020, to support the transformation of those in need. Dr. Chalice is passionate about the opportunity to blend her unique skills, talents, and gifts to serve others through professional counseling, education and training, and diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting.

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First Designee of The American Psychosocial Oncology Society’s Psychosocial Oncology virtual academy’s Cancer/Oncology Behavioral Health Specialty. Announced January 2023.

2020 Drexel University Graduate Student Association Award Nominee recognized for teaching methods. Announced June 2, 2020.

People of Purpose 2020 Recipient. One of ten Drexel University community members honored in the College of Nursing and Health Professions for my contribution to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Honorees selected demonstrate purpose and service in their passions and pursuits. Announced November 2019.

Awarded $10,000 for research project: What is the experience of College of Nursing and Health Professions faculty incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into the curriculum? Drexel University, College of Nursing and Health Professions. Philadelphia, PA. A qualitative study. Announced December


Capella University, 2004-2008, Ph.D., Human Services, Counseling Studies,

magna cum laude. Minneapolis, MN

Argosy University, 2001- 2003, Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, cum laude. Atlanta, GA

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Twitter Handle : @drchalice

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Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Licensed Professional Counselor
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, DEIB Consultant
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Cancer Online Therapy Groups
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Talk the Wellness Tea
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Cancer Corporate Training Program
Dr. Chalice, Teach!
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Supporting Your Transformation
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Christian Counselor
Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Licensed Professional Counselor, Renew, Restore, Hope, Peace, Harmony, Vitality
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Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, Licensed Professional Counselor, Renew, Restore, Hope, Peace, Harmony, Vitality
Chalice Rhodes
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