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Alloy Silverstein: Complimentary Cloud Consultation & Setup

Accounting & Financial For Small Businesses Reopening Services

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy left our business without power or servers for 4 days, and we learned a valuable lesson about the importance of the cloud. Nearly 8 years later, we are facing an unforeseen pandemic. Unfortunately, many small businesses learned the hard way about not being ready for a remote or virtual workforce. A value of Alloy Silverstein is giving back to the community, and that includes our small business community. If you’re finding yourself scraping by, barely surviving, not able to access your data, or communicate with your customers – we are here to help, free of charge. These are hard times, and there’s still more to go. No business owner should be worrying about physical checks or not getting paid or risking their health to go into an office for data or files. We’re offering our community a free consultation to see how we can implement solutions that will help make your life easier, and your business better. No billing fees, no hidden agenda, just a community partner helping others. Reach out today and let’s see how we can help, email or call 856-667-4100.

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