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Assembly Appropriations Committee Meets

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On June 16, Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey (CCSNJ) weighed in on a number of bills that impact the business community and the South Jersey region, which were before the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
The CCSNJ supported the following bills:
A-4330 (Schaer/Pintor Marin/Zwicker) - "Economic Emergency Investment Stabilization Act"; allows EDA to invest in businesses impacted by major economic emergencies.
A-5377 (Freiman/Stanley/Karabinchak) - Establishes "Food Innovation District Program."
A-5537/S-3488 (Burzichelli/Dancer/Spearman/Sweeney/Gopal/O'Scanlon) - Modifies certain procedures pertaining to school district regionalization; establishes grant program for cost reimbursement of conducting regionalization feasibility studies; and provides financial incentives for regionalization.
A-5580 (Schaer/McKnight/Spearman) - Restores and revises Urban Enterprise Zone program.
A-5588 (McKnight/Kennedy/Moen) - Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2022.
A-5589 (Caputo/Taliaferro/Chaparro) - Authorizes NJ Infrastructure Bank to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2022.
A-5689 (Greenwald/Mukherji/Mazzeo) - Appropriates $25,000,000 from General Fund to Department of State for travel and tourism advertising and promotion for recovery from COVID-19 pandemic.
A-5691/S-3714 (Greenwald/Murphy/Verrelli/Madden/Gopal) - Concerns liability of certain non-profit and governmental employers for unemployment benefits paid during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic state of emergency; appropriates $50 million.
A-5840 (Burzichelli) - Authorizes State Treasurer to enter lease for real property and improvements with NJEDA for construction of New Jersey Wind Port in Lower Alloways Creek Township, Salem County.
A-5848 (Burzichelli/Zwicker) - Makes permanent temporary enactment allowing certain alcoholic beverage retailers to sell and deliver alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks; establishes certain sale and delivery privileges for alcoholic beverage manufacturers.
A-5884 (Coughlin/Mazzeo) - Establishes Office of Food Insecurity Advocate.
A-5888 (DeAngelo/Armato/Quijano) - Provides project grants under "Securing Our Children's Future Fund" for career and technical education at county colleges; appropriates $26,456,996.
A-5889 (Mazzeo/Zwicker/Johnson) - Provides project grants under "Securing Our Children's Fund" for career and technical education expansion in county vocational school districts; appropriates $222,904,769.
A-5894 (Burzichelli/Kennedy) - Authorizes certain offshore wind projects to construct power lines and obtain real property interests; grants BPU authority to supersede certain local governmental powers upon petition from offshore wind project.
A-5898 (Mazzeo/Armato) - Temporarily expands summer working hours for certain minors.
As previously mentioned, the CCSNJ opposed the following bills:
A-5890 (Verrelli) - Concerns enforcement of employee misclassification and stop-work order laws.
A-5891 (Egan) - Creates "Office of Strategic Enforcement and Compliance" in DOLWD; appropriates $1 million from General Fund.
A-5892 (Sumter) - Streamlines identification of employee misclassification.

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