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Legislative Updates

Governor Murphy Acts on Lame Duck Legislation

Legislative Updates General Business 220th Legislative Session
On January 18, Governor Murphy today signed the following bills that the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey supported:

  • S-4043/A-6005 (Cunningham/Jasey, Greenwald) – Raises statutory threshold for certain public bidding, permits bidder disqualification due to prior negative experience, adds exemptions to public bidding requirement under "State College Contracts Law," and establishes process for cooperative pricing system

Despite CCSNJ opposition, Governor Murphy also signed the following bills:

The CCSNJ was pleased Governor Murphy pocket vetoedS-3458/A-6245 (Lagana, Gopal/Coughlin, Jimenez, Mukherji) which would have revised out-of-network arbitration process.

However the CCSNJ was disappointed Governor Murphy pocket vetoed the following bills, which the CCSNJ supported:

To see the full list of bills the Governor acted on today, click here.
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