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Legislative Updates

The New Jersey Business Coalition Unveils Policy Proposals

COVID-19 Legislative Updates Legislative Updates

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey (CCSNJ) is proud to participate in the “New Jersey Business Coalition,” a group of more than 40 major business and nonprofit associations representing employers that provide millions of jobs in New Jersey.

On March 31, the coalition put forth federal and state policy recommendations for a COVID-19 Legislative and Administrative Relief Package. Additionally, on April 2 an op-ed ran on the Coalition’s proposals.

Given these unprecedented times, the New Jersey Business Coalition is encouraging lawmakers to adopt policies that assist business owners who are in need of an immediate capital infusion and regulatory relief if they are going to navigate the new norm and survive the coronavirus pandemic.

As overview of some of the proposals suggested to lawmakers are as follows:

  •  Ensure that an employer’s UI experience rating (or the unemployment claim reimbursements for certain nonprofits that have chosen a UI alternative) is not negatively impacted by layoffs during a public health crisis to avoid increased unemployment insurance taxes;

  • Extend state and local permits on projects that may be delayed until after the COVID-19 crisis passes, and extend all rule-making timelines, both in regulation and statute, past the current public health crisis. Furthermore, actions should be taken to ensure that local permitting does not interfere with business openings during the recovery;

  • Clarify and enhance in statute that all businesses are permitted to carry forward their COVID-19 financial losses for tax purposes, including both the Corporation Business Tax (CBT) and the Gross Income Tax (GIT) paying businesses

  • Address/clarify the New Jersey WARN Act and its recent expansion to address what is “reasonably foreseeable” to prevent unintended consequences from hurting both employees and employers, as did California;

  • Provide litigation protection for employers and healthcare providers who act in good faith, following public health guidance. A plaintiff should have to show gross negligence to recover for a COVID-19-related injury.

The CCSNJ looks forward to working with both the Administration and Legislators to provide much needed relief to small businesses and begin the journey to recovery and a stronger economy later.

To read an op-ed about the New Jersey Business Coalition and the proposals, click here.

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