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Ackley Named Finalist in Innovation Awards

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Ackley Machine Corporation, the global leader of pharmaceutical tablet and capsule printing, laser marking and drilling machinery, has been named a finalist in the Medicine Maker’s 2020 Innovation Awards for their VIP Laser Drill + NIR. This precision tablet laser drilling machine has been recognized as a significant advancement for the production of osmotic controlled-release drugs.

The Medicine Maker is a leading publication covering the entire spectrum of drug development, from the most pressing topics, to recent trends and technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. Each year, they round up the leading innovations that are poised to have a substantial impact on the future of drug development and highlight them in their annual Innovation Awards. Ackley is honored to be on this list for 2020.

The VIP Laser Drill + NIR is a tablet drilling machine that helps streamline the production of osmotic controlled-release pharmaceutical products. This advanced CO2 laser drilling machine does this by seamlessly integrating NIR (near-infrared) spectroscopy, providing a quick and accurate way to verify that a tablet’s enteric coating is acceptable and therefore safe for consumption. 

Built for tablets, caplets and longitudinally compressed tablets (LCT's) – this single-lane system uses two NIR spectrometers, to verify the integrity of a tablet’s outer membrane. Precision apertures are then drilled into the correct side of each tablet to a predetermined depth and diameter to achieve the desired dissolution rate and drug release profile. Next, vision inspection confirms each aperture, while Ackley’s patented fail-safe rejection system separates tablets with membrane defects from those with drill defects for further analysis.

The VIP Laser Drill + NIR is a versatile, user-friendly machine that drills and inspects up to 60,000 products per hour. Designed under FDA, cGMP and CE regulations, this machine is versatile, affordable and provides effortless continuous operation with minimal user interaction or downtime. Perfect for both pilot and production runs, it features a small footprint, user-friendly touchscreen, multiple recipe management and quick removal change parts.

The winner of the Innovation Awards will be determined by readers of the Medicine Maker. You can vote here:

About Ackley

Ackley Machine Corporation designs and manufactures precision machinery to print, laser mark and drill tablets, capsules and softgels of all shapes and sizes. A leader in innovation, Ackley has proudly served the needs of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and confectionery industries for nearly 50 years. From R&D to high-volume productions with output rates of up to 1.2 million printed products per hour, leading companies and startups trust their brands to Ackley machines. Contact Ackley to see how they can help with your pharmaceutical laser drilling needs today.

Ackley Machine Corporation
+1(856) 234 - 3626

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Media Contact : Liv Hatcher

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