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Agreement on New Jersey Educators Health Plan (NJEHP)

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The CCSNJ was proud to support S- 2273 (Sweeney), the legislation which stemmed from a landmark agreement between Senate President Steve Sweeney and the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) on health insurance policies and contributions.

Under the proposal, the state would eliminate some existing health care plans currently available to teachers and introduce two lower-cost alternatives, called the” New Jersey Educators Health Plan” (NJEHP) and the “Garden State Health Plan.” The new plan will be tied to a new salary-based contribution schedule; those electing to remain in the School Employees' Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) will be required to pay for their healthcare based on a percentage of their premium as determined under Chapter 78 requirements.

The agreement also calls for the creation of the new Garden State Health Plan in 2021, which will offer NJEA members the voluntary option of a plan that produces even more savings with a network of New Jersey-only healthcare providers. The plan will generate annual savings of at least $100 million, shared by employees and employers.

Over the years, the CCSNJ urged state government to reduce expenses by adopting best business practices. The reforms contained in S-2273 (Sweeney) make important and necessary changes that will provide real and lasting savings for property taxpayers. 


The bill passed the Senate unanimously on March 19 and awaits a hearing in the Assembly.

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