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CCSNJ Desk Letter for the March 24 Senate Voting Session

General Business


TO:                      Members of the New Jersey Senate 

FROM:               Hilary Chebra, Manager, Government Affairs, CCSNJ

RE:                      Support of S-525 (Ruiz/Singleton) and S-757 (Sarlo/Oroho)

                             Opposing S-775 (Pou/Cryan)

DATE: March 24, 2022

The Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey (CCSNJ) would like to voice our support for the following legislation being considered today:

  • S-525 (Ruiz/Singleton) - Enhances, and allocates funds for, pre-apprenticeship programs.
  • S-616 (Schepisi/Singleton) - Authorizes establishment of regional economic development partnerships.

The CCSNJ is proud to support S-525 (Ruiz/Singleton), which enhances and expands the State’s current initiatives under the “Youth Transitions to Work Partnership Act,” to establish pre-apprenticeship programs to assist young people to enter into apprenticeship programs with links to post-secondary education and credentials. Many industries are experiencing a workforce shortage and this bill will assist young people to the workforce training needed to fill these positions in good paying industries.

Additionally, S-616 (Schepisi/Singleton) would authorize local governmental entities to enter into regional economic development partnerships for the purpose of engaging in joint regional economic planning and formulating an economic development or redevelopment strategy. Each region of the state is unique and has different economic needs. Working with businesses, business organizations, educational institutions, and other entities located within the region will allow for targeting each region of the state’s individual economic development needs and ensure resources are being well utilized. It is important that the businesses and organizations in the region assist in the economic development plans to ensure that emerging industries are successful and beneficial to the surrounding area.

However, the CCSNJ would like to respectfully oppose S-775 (Pou/Cryan) which requires person with an alcoholic beverage license to carry alcoholic beverage liability insurance under certain circumstances. The CCSNJ is concerned this is place a burden on an industry that is still recovering from the pandemic.

Thank you for the ability to share our position on the above measures.

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For any Government-related comments, questions or suggestions please contact:

Hilary Chebra 

Manager, Government Affairs, CCSNJ

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