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CCSNJ Opposition to A3937

Labor Mandates Workforce General Business


TO: Members of the Assembly Labor Committee


FROM: Hilary Chebra, Manager, Government Affairs, CCSNJ

RE:  A-3937 (Moriarty/Danielsen)


DATE: March 23, 2023

The Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey (CCSNJ) respectfully opposes A3937 (Moriarty/Danielsen), which requires employers to post all opportunities for promotion to current employees prior to making a promotion decision and also requires employers to disclose the range of compensation for each job posting.

The CCSNJ has several concerns with A3937 (Moriarty/Danielsen), which places burdensome mandates on employers and limits their flexibility in making internal personnel decisions. There is an array of reasons why an employer may choose not to post the salary range for employment listings. Often, an employer may be searching to fill a position that could vary from being entry level to being more suitable for a more seasoned professional. Posting a salary range would be misleading to candidates in both scenarios and would restrict the employer to pay an advertised salary that is not appropriate for the chosen candidate.

 Additionally, the bill removes the flexibility of the employer to adjust a position for a candidate that is the right fit for a company, but the posted job must be modified to fit their experience. For many small businesses, there are sometimes unexpected budgetary fluctuations that happen while soliciting for a new job forcing an employer to pay less than they had advertised. The CCSNJ is concerned about the harsh penalties that small businesses with limited resources could face should they inadvertently fail to include a piece of required information in a job posting.

Finally, the CCSNJ is concerned that this will make New Jersey an outlier and places yet another onerous mandate on businesses. New Jersey employers are struggling to fill positions and need flexibility to attract candidates.

Thank you for allowing the CCSNJ to express our concerns with A3937 (Moriarty/Danielsen).

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