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"Path to Progress" Report

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In August 2018, the New Jersey Economic & Fiscal Policy Workgroup issued a report, "Path to Progress." The workgroup was convened by Senate President Sweeney in January of 2018 to address the State's continued fiscal crisis. Its mission is to: identify ways to address soaring pension and benefit costs, hold down property taxes, make state and local government and school districts more efficient, assess the equity and efficiency of our state and local tax structure, leverage the value of state assets, and mitigate the negative impact of the federal tax law that targeted high-cost states. Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald served as co-chair, and several other South Jersey legislators participated in the group. Many of the report's recommendations surrounding public employee benefits are ones that the Chamber has supported and were included in the CCSNJ’s Board Council on Responsible Government Spending reports, the first of which was issued in 2006 with subsequent reports issued in 2007 and 2008. The CCSNJ continues to encourage all members to support for these reform measures.

Of the bills introduced, the following received action this session. CCSNJ will continue to monitor those bills that did not pass in the new session.

S-3042/A-4619: Creates subaccounts for State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) and School Employee Health Benefits Plan (SEHBP) health care services and prescription drug claims; requires procurement by State of third-party medical claims reviewer. Signed by Governor Murphy on June 30, 2019. To view the statute, click here

S-3770: Establishes the “New Jersey Economic and Fiscal Policy Review Commission” to provide an ongoing review of State and local tax structure, economic conditions, and related fiscal issues. It was sent to the Governor's desk on January 13, 2020, Governor Murphy declined to sign the bill, meaning it expired without becoming law.

S-3756: Requires limited purpose regional school districts to coordinate with constituent districts regarding school calendar and curriculum. Signed by Governor Murphy on January 21, 2020. 

S-3763: Renames joint meetings as regional service agencies; grandfathers existing joint meetings. Signed by Governor Murphy on January 21, 2020. 

S-3246/A-4807: Establishes elective pass-through business alternative income tax and allows refundable gross income tax credit for taxpayers earning income from pass-through businesses in taxable year. Signed by Governor Murphy on January 13, 2020. 

The CCSNJ commends the Senate President for taking such bold steps to make New Jersey more affordable and looks forward to continuing to support these measures in the new session.

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