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Site Remediation Reform Act


The CCSNJ was an active stakeholder in the Site Remediation Reform Act stakeholder process throughout the session. S-3682 (Smith/Bateman), which made various changes to laws governing remediation of contaminated sites, was signed into law by Governor Murphy on August 23, 2019. The CCSNJ’s initial comments, and comments after the legislation was amended while moving through the Legislature, were supportive of making slight changes to what is considered an already excellent program. The tweaks to the program that the CCSNJ recommended and/or supported include: burdensome pubic inquires; the concern surrounding new, duplicative or contrasting regulations for Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSPRs) to follow; and the addition of provisions designed to mitigate any unfairness from the imposition of direct oversite and concerns over how these changes will affect ongoing cases.

The CCSNJ continues to be a participant in the ongoing stakeholder process throughout 2020.

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