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CBIZ Employee Benefits will be offering:

Convenient Care Plus is a “direct primary care health access program”. It is not a discount program and it is not insurance…it is a membership program. Here is how it works:

There are three plan choices, Low, Mid, and High. I will describe the High plan and then explain the “drop down” to the other two plans.

  • Convenient Care Plus Level 1 Plan (HIGH)
    • $30 per month fee for a single enrollee or two-person enrollment
    • $55 per month fee for full family enrollment
    • No copays or deductibles
    • Does not coordinate nor have anything to do with existing health insurance
    • Members have unlimited access to over 16,000 Health Centers nationwide (including 1,400 CVS mini-clinics). $150 per visit maximum benefit
    • Access to a Select Generic Drug List at no copay and no cost. The drugs on the list are for the basics…antibiotics, etc…see attached list…which the member has access to on the App!
    • 24/7/365 Telemedicine at no copay and no cost
    • Health Advocate is included
    • Easy access vis the Convenient Care Plus App (see attached)

  • Convenient Care Plus Level 2 Plan (MID)
    • $15 per month for a single or two-person enrollment
    • $30 per month for full family enrollment
    • All of the benefits listed above with the following exception
      • $30 copay at the Health Center

  • Convenient Care Plus Level 3 Plan (LOW)
    • $10 per month for single, two-person or full family enrollment
    • 24/7/365 Telemedicine at no copay and no cost
    • Select Generic Drug List at no copay and no cost
    • Health Advocate is included
    • Easy access via the App
    • Excluded: Health Center access

There are no claims. Members go to get the “minor things” checked out…fever, sore throat, UTI, rashes, minor cuts and bruises, etc. If it is in fact “minor” they have the peace of mind knowing and no out of pocket expense. If it is something more serious they have learned that early on which is important to proper treatment.

This program also reduces improper ER utilization. Most of our clients are looking at the Level 3 plan as it focuses on telemedicine, which is seeing a spike in demand that is only likely to increase in the coming weeks and months. Additional information is attached. Although medical carriers are waiving the telehealth copays, CCP also has no copays, includes select generic drugs at no cost and Health Advocate….traditional telehealth services do not. Also….this can be rolled out to all employees…the telehealth solutions in the health insurance plans are for employees in the health plan….CCP is for everyone, even those not covered by insurance…full-time, part-time, etc.

If you would like further clarification and have any addition questions, we’re available!

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