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COVID-19’s Case for Leadership in Nonprofits

Imagine this…a highly competent President & CEO successfully navigates an organization through the COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly after, as the Board of Directors catches their breath, that same President & CEO submits a two-week notice ~ he or she is leaving for another job with higher pay, a more attractive benefit package and less stress.

Compensation can be an uncomfortable topic, even more so for organizations with tax codes designating them as “nonprofit”. A misconception exists that nonprofit professionals should take a vow of poverty and expect to make substantially less money than their for-profit peers. “Nonprofit” is a designation that encompasses so many industry segments – healthcare, human/social services, associations, education, certain financial institutions and many more. While these industries employ a large percentage of society and impact the lives of so many, people often neglect to realize executives within these organizations must be top notch.

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