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Part Time Security Guard



Part Time Security Guard

SUMMARY: The successful applicant must be willing and 100% able to perform, unrestricted, all functions of work involving security at both Broadway Terminal and the Balzano Marine Terminal. Drive heavy duty pick-up truck while making clock key rounds. Physically shut down valves up to 6” in securing fire sprinkler systems. Climb stairways up to 40 feet high to drain sprinkler systems or reset alarms. Open and close large, 8’ high chain link fence gates when required. Open chain operated doors by pulling on chain. Carry watch clock and keys on shoulder. Check oil and fluids in pick-up truck. Turn head at least to 90˚ left and right while driving truck or working at main gate guard both. Walk approximately ¼ to ½ mile, 8 times a day when making clock rounds. Walk over rough terrain, which could consist of potholes, 4” x 4” wood chocks, scrap lumber or dunnage, metal bands, etc. Climb steamship gangways to obtain dockage reports from ship’s crew. Stand on your feet at guard booth. Open rear doors on tractor trailers for inspection.


Work is generally performed from the standing position or getting in and out of truck seat 3 foot high. Work is performed seven days a week, 24 hours a day with various hour shifts under prevailing weather conditions.


-Drive heavy duty pick-up truck with a seat 3-foot-high from the ground, getting in and out of the truck every 2 or 3 minutes repetitively for 1 hour.

-Carry watch clock and keys on shoulder strap, weighing approximately 6 lbs., alternating shoulders, for a distance of 15 feet at a minimum, to 500 feet at a maximum. Minimum 22 times per hour.

-Check oil and fluids in pick-up truck stepping up and bending over fender 1 time per shift.

-Turn head 90˚ right and left constantly while driving or working in guard booth. Approximately 2 turns per minute repetitively for 8 hours, over rough terrain.

-Walk approximately ¼ to ½ mile every hour repetitively for 8 hours, over rough terrain.

-Climb gangways of ships approximately 30 feet high on an incline of 45˚ twice in one day.

-Stand on feet for up to 8 hours while working in guard booth tending trucks and visitors. 

-Open rear doors on tractor trailers for inspection.

-Open chain operated roll up doors pulling on chain with torque of 100-foot lbs.

-Shut down 6” gate valves on sprinkler systems requiring pressure pulling on valve wheel of up to 200-foot lbs.

-Climb stairways up to 40 feet high to secure and reset sprinkler systems. Could be up to 4 times in 8 hours.

-Must possess a Federal Transportation Worker Identification Credential issued by the Transportation Security Administration.

-Must possess a valid, unrevoked, and unsuspended driver’s license.

**The New Jersey First Act, effective September 1, 2011, established residency requirements for all public employees.  The applicant shall have their principal residence in the State of New Jersey. **

Management will judge whether an applicant is qualified for this position.  Certain portions of the examination procedure may be waived by Management based on an applicant’s experience in performing this level of work.


Applicants interested in applying for the above position should submit a written resume to

Additional Info

Job Type : Part-time

Education Level : High School

Experience Level : Entry Level

Job Function : General

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