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Stockton University

Stockton University


Higher Education


Stockton University is primarily an undergraduate liberal arts college with selected masters and doctorate degree programs.


Michael Angulo
Vice President for Personnel, Labor & Government Relations

Ellen Bailey
Deputy General Counsel

Peter Baratta
Chief Planning Officer

Raina Barker
Professional Service Specialist

Casey Berchtold

Joe Bertolino

Breanna Betts

Bahiya Cabral Johnson
Director of Continuing Studies

Terri Carr
Director, Career Education & Development

Christopher Catching
Vice President for Student Affairs

Stephanie Clineman
Manager of Dante Hall Theater

Merydawilda Colon

Cindy Crager
Associate Chief Development Officer & Campaign Mgr.

Noel Criscione-Naylor

Susan Davenport
Executive VP & Chief of Staff

Dr. George DeFeis
Assistant Professor of Business Studies, Mgmt

Ariana DiFillippo

Mariah Duffey
Assistant Director

Christian Ehiobuche
Assistant Professor

Christy Engelhardt
Financial Specialist

Sara Faurot Crowley
Director of Alumni Relations

Jovin Fernandez

Sarah Grady
Assistant Director of Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism (LIGHT) School of Business, Stockton University

Jocelyn Gray
Professional Service Specialist

John Gray
Organizational Leadership Program

Janet Greco
Executive Legal Assistant to the Office of General

Valerie Hayes
Chief Officer for Diversity and Inclusion

Richard Hohmann
Business Development and Training Specialist

Chris Howard
Director of Procurement, Contracting & Risk Management

Donald Hudson
Vice President for Facilities & Planning

Joshua Hunte

Scott Huston
Chief Information Officer

Brian Jackson
Chief Operating Officer, Atlantic City

Sharon Kalani
Executive Assistant

Cynthia Kelly
Programming Assistant, Small business Developmental Center

Harvey Kesselman

Higher Education
Lynne Kesselman
First Lady

Michael Klein
Interim Executive Director of W.H. Center for Public Policy

Warren Kleinsmith
Dean of the Business School

Jennifer Kosakowski
Director of Development

Brian Kowalski
General Counsel

Marianne Larsen
Development & Alumni Affairs

Ayisha Lee
Assistant To the Chief Development Officer

Carole LoBue
Assistant To the Vice President for Student Affairs

Theresa Marinelli
Associate Supervisor

Alexander Marino
Director of Operations AC Campus

Nicole Marsh
Administrative Assistant for Stockton Aviation Research & Technology Park (SARTP

Kathryn Mason
Administrative Assistant To the President

Traci Matos
Human Resources, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Alyssa Maurice
Interim Director

Michelle McDonald
Associate VP for Academic Affairs

Riley McKenna

Alicia McMackin
Associate Director of Special Events

Nicole Milan-Tyner
Assistant Director

Melissa Millard

Daniel Nugent

Rummy Pandit
Executive Director of LIGHT

Brandy Pavia
Professional Service Specialist

Yuberky Pena
Professional Service Specialist

Ginna Petrillo
Professional Service Specialist

Patricia Quinn McGinnis
Program Director, School of Health Sciences

Marie Ricci
Senior Executive Assistant/VP To Admin & Finance

Gaetano Ricciardi

Demetrios Roubos

Alaina Rush

Pedro Santana
Dean of Students

Terricita Sass
Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff

Jessica Steffins
Program Assistant- RHT Talent Network

Nikki Strothers
Assistant Director of Records

Amy Swan
Director of Government Relations

Walter Tarver III
Director, Career Services

Caroline Tesone

Lori Vermeulen
Provost & VP for Academic Affairs

Janet Wagner
Dean, School of business

Patricia Walker
Director of Development

Haley Waters

Patti Williamson
Secretarial Assistant 3

Robert Yufer

Sue Zavaglia Werner

Ai Zhang
Associate Professor of Communication Studies

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